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Board Of Directors 

Board meetings are generally held quarterly.  When a meeting is held, all owners are welcome  to attend.  If you would like to discuss something or bring it to the board's attention, please submit it to management at least two weeks prior to the meeting. 

Call For Candidates

Do you want to make a difference in your neighborhood in an easy and fun way  Now is your chance!  By committing to just a few hours of your time every three months, you can help shape the way your association is run.  If  you are interested in serving on the Board, please email, fax or mail your name and contact information to Tony Abad (se Management Company detail for information). 

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) 

Board meetings are generally held quarterly.  When a meeting is held, all owners are welcome  to attend.  If you would like to discuss something or bring it to the board's attention, please submit it to management at least two weeks prior to the meeting. 

paint guidlines

Architectural Review


If the home is being painted the exact same color, no application is required.  In order to be considered exactly the same color, one of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The color is mixed according to the original Frazee color number obtained from  the HOA color board or from touch up paint cans left by the builder.  The paint can be any brand, provided the color formula from Frazee is followed.

  2. The color is an acceptable substitute color obtained from the HOA color board.  Kelley Mooore and Benjamin Moore colors are available, but any brand of paint can be used if the color formula is followed.  These are not identical so the actual color should be tested by the homeowner and they are not suitable for touch up of the original paint

If the homeowner wishes to change the color, an application must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  The application should include the color numbers to be used, or ARC will come to the home to examine test samples.  ARC will consider the following in approving color choices:

  1. The style of the home.  Victorian homes will generally be lighter/and or brighter colors such as bules, peach, teal, pinks, lavenders or yellows.  Craftsman styled homes should be painted in muted earth tones, such as brown, beige, grey, green, gold or rust. 

  2. The color of the surrounding homes.  Duplication of color in nearby homes must be avoided.

  3. Color Sequences.  New color schemes should keep the same sequence and number of colors as the original For example; if the front porch rail and garage door are white and the homeowner wishes to paint trim beige, then both items should be beige.  ARC will consider variations from this on a case by case basis

Technical Considerations

Paint finishes are recommended as follows:

  1. The body of the house should be painted with low gloss paint such as flat, eggshell, or satin (Slight sheen is lower maintenance compared to flat).  Window trim, gutters and downspouts on Italianate homes should also be lower gloss paint.

  2. Wood rails on all homes and all wooden window trim on Craftsman and Victorian homes can be semi-gloss for lower maintenance.  Staircases on second units should be painted with the same color scheme as original, and is generally the same color and finish as front porch wood parts.

  3. White fences must be repained in white semi-gloss paint.

  4. Satellite dishes, hardware and wires, and other added appurtenances approved by ARC should be painted to match adjacent parts of the house, either body or roof color depending on location.

  5. Roof and chimney vents and flashing should be painted to match the roof color.

Recommended considerations to have in contract with painters:

  1. Painter is licensed, insured and bonded and homeowner is not responsible for accidents, such as falling from ladders or scaffolds.

  2. The house is pressure washed within a few days before painting.

  3. Nails are level with the surface or lower, and the gaps around nails or know holes are filled and sanded.

  4. Caulking around windows and doors is repaired.

  5. Loose gutters, flashing, etc. are repaired prior to painting.

  6. The wooden trim that may be in contact with other surfaces or exposed to sun is checked for dry rot and replaced if necessary.  This is common near the bottom of wooden porchch columns and on some railings.

  7. Paint includes at least one coat of primer and one coast of paint (preferably two) on bare wood surfaces and highest grades of paint are more cost effective over time and increase the cost only slightly.

  8. Paint is applied with brush and/or roller.  This is more costly but is less likely to flake off or be applied unevenly, and overspray is eliminated

  9. There is agreement regarding the painting of window screen frames and exterior wooden parts of windows.

  10. Plantings will not be broken or damaged

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Latest News

Have You Checked Your Lights? 

Various homeowners have garage and/or porch lights out, it is recommended to check your garage and porch lights periodically to ensure there is enough lighting outside for safety precautions and aesthetic appeal.  Management will check these lights for violations in October.

If your light is out and a new bulb does not fix the problem, you may need to replace the ballast.  Laner Electric Supply Company in Richmond at (510) 214-5100 or or independent Electric Supply at (925) 827-9988 or have the parts needed.  An Architectural application must be filed if the whole fixture is to be replaced.  Replacement ballast parts cost about $35

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